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How to wire the rocker switch

How to wire the rocker switch

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Because the rocker switch is an independent switch, it can only control one line, so the wiring is relatively simple.

1. Lay out the wires first. Generally speaking, there will be two wires, one for the neutral wire and one for the live wire. There will be related signs on the back of the rocker switch, there are two Screw, one used to connect the red live wire, we need to fix it on the terminal and tighten it.

2. Connect the blue wire to the other terminal and also tighten it. If it is a three-hole socket, one wire should be directly connected to the ground wire, but it does not matter if it is not connected.

3. Finally, we pull the wire again to see if there is any looseness, then turn on the power and turn on the light to see if it can be started. If it is on, the connection is successful.

Precautions for switch wiring

1. The use area of each switch is different. If the switch wire is connected in the bathroom, please pay attention to the fact that the bathroom is relatively humid, so when we are wiring, we must install a waterproof cover outside to prevent water vapor from entering and causing The problem of short circuit.

2. The wiring should be based on people's living habits. Many people are not left-handed, but use their right hands to switch the lights. Generally speaking, the switch should be placed on the left side of the door.

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