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How to install the control button switch

How to install the control button switch

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1. Installation location

When installing the control button, first measure the diameter of the button thread, drill the mounting hole on the control panel, exit the button nut, pass the button thread post from the back of the control panel, and adjust the stop on the thread post to the proper position , Then screw the button onto the threaded post from the front of the control panel and tighten it.

When installing the buttons on the panel, they should be neatly arranged and arranged reasonably. It can be arranged from top to bottom or from left to right according to the order of starting the motors.

Several different working states of the moving parts of the same equipment, including up and down, front and back, left and right, tight, etc., need to install each pair of buttons in opposite states together.

2. Install wiring

Under normal circumstances, a button always has a pair of moving-on contacts and a pair of moving-break contacts. Before connecting, use a multimeter to block and distinguish the corresponding contacts.

The exception is that some have two sets of contacts and indicator lights, so you need to pay more attention when wiring.

The button board and button box where the button switch is installed must be metal, and try to connect them to the general grounding bus of the equipment. For hanging buttons, a dedicated grounding wire must be provided, and metal pipes must not be used as the grounding wire.

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