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Detailed explanation of the principle of micro switch

Detailed explanation of the principle of micro switch

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The structure and principle of micro switch of gas water heater

        A micro switch is a component triggered by a metal reed inside. After the button is pressed once, the silver point of the front part of the metal reed in the micro switch triggers once with the lower contact pin, causing the circuit to be conducted to the controller. An electrical signal, and then reset.

How does vibration switch, micro switch, and proximity switch work?

[Proximity switch] Introduction to proximity switch
①. Performance characteristics Among all kinds of switches, there is a component that has the ability to "perceive" objects approaching it-displacement sensor. Use the sensitive characteristic of the displacement sensor to approach the object to achieve the purpose of controlling the switch on or off, this is the proximity switch. When an object moves to the proximity switch and approaches a certain distance, the displacement sensor will "sense" and the switch will act. Usually this distance is called "detection distance". Different proximity switches have different detection distances. Sometimes the inspected objects move to the proximity switch one by one at a certain time interval, and then leave one by one, and this is repeated continuously. Different proximity switches have different responsiveness to detected objects. This response characteristic is called "response frequency".
②. Types Because displacement sensors can be made according to different principles and methods, and different displacement sensors have different "perception" methods for objects, the common proximity switches are as follows

③. Main applications Proximity switches are widely used in aviation, aviation, aerospace technology and industrial production. In daily life, such as hotels, restaurants, garages, automatic doors, automatic hot air blowers have applications. In terms of security and anti-theft, such important places as data files, accounting, finance, museums, and vaults are usually equipped with anti-theft devices composed of various proximity switches. In measurement technology, such as length and position measurement; in control technology, such as displacement, velocity, acceleration measurement and control, a large number of proximity switches are also used.
④. Precautions for selection In general industrial production sites, eddy current proximity switches and capacitive proximity switches are usually used. Because these two kinds of proximity switches have lower environmental requirements. When the measured object is a conductive object or an object that can be fixed on a metal object, the eddy current proximity switch is generally selected because of its high response frequency, good environmental interference resistance, wide application range, and low price. If the measured object is non-metal (or metal), liquid level height, powder height, plastic, tobacco, etc. The capacitive proximity switch should be selected. The response frequency of this switch is low, but the stability is good. The influence of environmental factors should be considered during installation. If the object is magnetically permeable material or the magnetic steel is buried in the object to be measured in order to distinguish the object moving with it, the Hall proximity switch should be used, which has the lowest price. The photoelectric proximity switch can be used in the environment with good environmental conditions and no dust pollution. When the photoelectric proximity switch is working, there is almost no effect on the measured object. Therefore, it is widely used in fax machines with higher requirements and in tobacco machinery. In anti-theft systems, automatic doors usually use pyroelectric proximity switches, ultrasonic proximity switches, and microwave proximity switches. Sometimes in order to improve the reliability of recognition, the above-mentioned proximity switches are often used in combination. No matter which kind of proximity switch you choose, you should pay attention to the requirements for various indicators such as operating voltage, load current, response frequency, and detection distance.

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